Start A God Girl’s Club

Start A God Girl’s Club

3_Gracie&Elena-01We all have different personalities, hair colors, hobbies. We like different foods, music and have different dreams and goals. No matter where we go and who we’re with there will always be something that makes us and the next girl different.

But at a God Girl’s Club there is at least one thing that every girl has in common.

She loves to be in a place where she is loved, where she can let her hair down, where she can laugh, share and enjoy her time with other girls who are somethin’ like her. Being a part of a God Girl’s Club gives girls of all ages the chance to discover who they are in Christ, to grow in Christ, to learn about God’s promises for her dreams, her future, and to do this with other girls who are all exploring the same thing!

And it’s really easy to start your own GGC! Simply get together with the girls from your church, school, team or neighborhood monthly, bi-monthly or even weekly! Read the God Girl’s Club book series together and share your thoughts from the journal pages with eacother! Click “shop” to buy shirts, membership cards, bookmarks and more. And look below for a free handbook download to be the best GGCL (God Girl’s Club Leader) you can be!



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