Meet the God Girl’s Club

Meet the God Girl’s Club


Name: Gracie Alexander

Age: 9

Grade: 4th

School: Homeschooled

Favorite color: Pink

Hobbies: Playing the guitar and hanging out with her bestie, Elena.


Name: Elena Richardson

Age: 9

Grade: 4th

School: Creative Arts Academy

Favorite color: Yellow

Hobbies: Dancing, mostly ballet, and hanging out with her bestie, Elena.


Name: Kenyatta Stephens

Age: 9

Grade: 4th

School: Public School

Favorite color: Purple

Hobbies: Drawing designs for new outfits and shopping for accessories.


Name: Brittany

Age: 8

Grade: 3rd

School: Public School

Favorite color: Blue

Hobbies: Playing softball and reading.


Name: Jojo Clark

Age: 9

Grade: 5th

School: Private School

Favorite color: Green

Hobbies: Playing the violin with her brothers and sisters.

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