About Jamie Grace

About Jamie Grace

Jamie Grace is a 25 year old Grammy Nominated, Dove Award winning, singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. She has a degree in Child & Youth Development from Point University and has served in the Children’s Ministry at Kingdom City Church for nearly 10 years.

A pastor’s kid, former homeschooler and self proclaimed “nerd,” Jamie Grace has a passion for sharing God’s love with others through music, books and more. Jamie Grace currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her family and when she’s not on tour or writing a new book, she is serving at Kingdom City Church where her parents are the founding pastors.

Gracie Alexander is definitely a mini Jamie Grace. Ever since I was a little girl my mom has called me Gracie. We both have big sisters (my sister’s name is Morgan – not Megan) who are great at photography and a mom and a dad who love us dearly.

My dad “Papa J” is a pastor, just like Gracie’s dad, and is also a certified electrician. Just like Mr. Alexander, he loves working with technology and has also played an instrument since he was young. My dad is a great drummer!

Mrs. Alexander is very much like Mama Mona – my mom. My mom was a homeschool mom and could always find the things Morgan and I loved to help us grow in them. She taught us Creative Writing because she saw that we loved to write and found a great guitar teacher for me when I was younger. And guess what his name was… Mr. Kelly!

Gracie loves the color pink. She loves playing the guitar and spending time with her big sister. She loves her family and her friends but the most important thing about Gracie is that she is a God girl. She’s not perfect, and has to work hard at a lot of things, but she knows that with the help of those who love her, she can continue to grow.

I wanted to share the story of how I grew up. A home full of family dinners, jam sessions, laughter and yes – schoolwork. So as you read Gracie’s story, know that you’re reading a little bit of my story too!

I am now 23 years old. I travel full time singing and playing my guitar. I also write books and teach at my home church (Kingdom City Church) when I am not touring. My dad is the founding pastor of KCC and he and my mom pastor together! I absolutely love it.

My big sister “Morgan Harper Nichols” is now 25 and is married. Her husband’s name is Patrick and they also serve in ministry together. You may have heard some of Morgan’s music on the radio. She also sings and writes with me on a few songs!

I love my family so much and I know that you will too. Maybe you’ll get to meet them someday! But until then, enjoy this book. The Alexander’s are pretty close to our silly crew!

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